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Restaurant Cleaning Sydney

Restaurant Cleaning Sydney

Restaurant Cleaning Services Sydney

Restaurants produce large quantities of varieties of food, ensuring that guests are satisfied with the quality food. At all times, restaurant staff would be focusing on preparing dishes while reducing the amount of time to exclusively clean the premises as it is vital to the health of your employees and customers. To attract high-foot traffic, you need to hire professional cleaning services to clean your cafes, restaurants, and hotels in Sydney.

Due to over 20 years of experience in the industry and HACCP Certification, our management thoroughly understands the presentation of restaurants. We will draft a detail specification (as shown below) and a checklist and conduct regular inspection to ensure superior service.

Cafe Cleaning Sydney

Experienced Restaurant Cleaning Staff

At Sydney, cleanliness is a key to the success of any food business. Therefore, our cleaners are professionally trained and supervised. As the cleaning requirements of either a hotel or a café differs, we implement customized cleaning methods to make your restaurants look pristine. Our cleaners are committed and take pride in providing detailed attention to clean your restaurants.

Restaurant Cleaning Specification

  • Clean dirt sports on walls, partitions, doors, door handles, light switches etc.
  • Clean stains and spill off walls and furniture
  • Clean all glasses and mirrors
  • Disinfect and damp wipe telephones
  • Clean skirting boards, window sills, blinds etc.
  • Empty and disinfect bins and reline with clean plastic bags.
  • Vacuum and mop clean all tile and other hard floors - scrub weekly
  • Thorough dusting all areas - all furniture, ceiling vents, light fittings, tv screens, etc
  • Remove any cob web
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors - spot clean stains and spills
  • Clean bar floor and mats (attention under the rack)
  • Squeegee clean entry glass door
  • Remove external cobwebs around the windows and doors
  • Dust and detail all internal areas - make it look well presented for customers
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect toilets

Similar specification will be drafted for all areas of your premises

Why Choose Healthy Kitchen Cleaning Sydney?

  • We are HACCP certified, understands food safety and conduct regular inspections to ensure superior service
  • We have many years of experience and equipped with skills and knowledge
  • Uses up to date technology to offer cleaning and sanitizing treatment to minimize pest infestation, moulds, bacterial and biological issues.
  • Fully trained team of cleaners to achieve high standards of cleaning
  • Promote environmental friendly services

Our Customers

Ice Cream Production Cleaning Sydney
  • Burger Me Up
  • Concord Hotel
  • Friends In-Hand Hotel
  • Select Fresh
  • Yee's Palace
  • Bar Luca
  • Nando's
  • Landmark Hotel
  • Epping Hotel
  • Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Stella Maris aged care
  • B L Burgers
  • All Hands Brewing
  • Basax Korean Restaurant
  • Contrabando
  • Hopper Kade
  • Travelodge Hotels
  • QT Hotels
  • Little Italian Restaurant
  • Hills District Club
  • Boldwin Living Aged Care
  • Rickshaw food
  • Mama and Papas
  • Thirsty Burger
  • Macquarie Arms Hotel
  • Coonara Bakery
  • Terrazza Pizzeria
  • Fairfield Food Services
  • The white House
  • Just hooked

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