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What is Healthy Kitchen’s Hygiene Service Program?


1)   Let the kitchen staff handle the daily up-keep of your kitchen.​​

2)   Use our weekly, fortnightly or monthly service for steam cleaning 

      cooking equipment, fittings, walls, floors, rangehood and difficult


3)  We will then treat all cleaned surfaces with a food grade sanitizer,        increasing the level of hygiene and cleanliness of your kitchen.

Kitchen Steam Cleaning

Our professional teams are fully trained to steam clean and raise the hygiene level and over-all cleanliness of your kitchen. Our steam cleaning process also eliminates pest, bacteria and biological issues. 

Kitchen Sanitizing Process

The highest priority is given to hygiene. This is what distinguishes our service. After steam cleaning operation the kitchen surfaces area thoroughly processed using our special food grade sanitizer, in order to raise the hygiene level.

Fully equipped to clean

difficult areas

Kitchen Hygiene Service Program 

(Weekly - Fortnightly - Monthly Service)


Specification and Cost

Cooking Areas (under the rangehood)

  • Steam clean external of all equipment

  • Steam clean all fittings and racks

  • Steam clean and polish all stainless steel surfaces

  • Steam clean tile walls and grouts 

  • Steam pressure clean walls, floors, pipes and fittings (attention behind and under equipment)

  • Clean all difficult areas 

Kitchen Areas

  • Steam pressure clean entire kitchen below bench level - walls, pipes and fittings

  • Steam pressure clean all floor areas (attention under equipment, benches and fridges) 


Steam clean rangehood and oil traps


Treat kitchen cleaned surfaces with a special food grade sanitizer.

Cost for Average Kitchen

Weekly service cost  -    $250 plus gst

Fornightly service cost - $300 plus gst 

Monthly service cost  -    $350 plus gst 

(This service is designed to clean difficult areas in the kitchen where trained staff and specialised equipment are used. Our steam cleaning and sanitizing process also eliminates pest and biological issues -  increasing the level of hygiene and cleanliness - leaving the  kitchen looking clean and fresh). 

Pest Management

We can provide an effective pest management service to commercial kitchens, as this is an important part of our Kitchen Hygiene Service Program.

Who uses our Monthly Kitchen Hygiene Service?

We provide this service to restaurants and all other commercial and food productions kitchens.

  • The hospitality industry: hotels, pubs & clubs

  • Hospitals, nursing homes and aged care centres

  • Fast food chains

  • Catering industry

  • Malls and supermarkets

  • Takeaways, cafes, industrial canteens

  • Bakery & cake shops

  • School kitchens and canteens

  • Food factory and production 

Removing old food and rubbish caught under the equipment

Trained staff for specialised work

Steam Cleaning Technology

Eliminating Pests - 

Raising Kitchen Hygiene

Pressure Cleaning Floor without a splash 


Benefits to Kitchen Owners / Managers from our Kitchen Hygiene Service Program 

Steam Cleaning

Our staff are specially trained to steam pressure clean all areas of commercial kitchens. This technology effectively cleans kitchen fittings, equipment, rangehoods, wall, floors, under/behind the

equipment and difficult areas. The addition benefit is that steam 

eliminates pest, bacteria and biological issues in the kitchen.

Sanitizing Service

Our sanitizing procedure, using Healthy Kitchens special food grade sanitizer, applied to kitchen surfaces after the clean, will further raise the level of hygiene of your kitchen.

Pest Management

Steam cleaning, sanitizing and pest management constitutes our Kitchen Hygiene Service.  Therefore, Healthy Kitchen can provide an effective pest management service, if this program is not already in place.


A checklist is completed and clipped on the board after each service for management and food inspectors.


Food Inspectors

Our Kitchen Hygiene Service is very popular as it keeps the food inspectors happy.

Kitchen Owners / Management 

Joining our Kitchen Hygiene Service Program takes away worries of kitchen owners / management regarding kitchen hygiene.

Cost - Effective

Due to our professionalism in the industry and our highly trained staff using the latest equipment, we are able to make it cost - effective while achieving high hygiene standards


To Healthy Kitchen, the customer is always our primary concern. This is shown in the innovative plan that Healthy Kitchen has developed to help its customer improve his/her business. Thus the Company will award a Kitchen Hygiene Service Certificate to its valued customer who receives 

monthly steam cleaning and sanitising service. This Certificate can be framed and displayed at the front desk.

Clients on our Kitchen Hygiene Service Program 

  • Burger Me Up

  • Cabramatta Hotel

  • Concord Hotel

  • Friends In-Hand Hotel

  • Select Fresh

  • Cheeky Monkey

  • Yee's Palace 

  • Bar Luca

  • Nando's

  • Landmark Hotel

  • Epping Hotel

  • Crown Plaza Hotel

  • Stella Maris aged care

  • B L Burgers

  • El Cortez Hotel

  • Hopper Kade

  • Travelodge Hotels

  • QT Hotels 

  • Little Italian Restaurant

  • Hills District Club

  • Boldwin Living Aged Care

  • Rickshaw food

  • Mama and Papas

  • Thirsty Burger

  • Macquarie Arms Hotel 

  • Coonara Bakery

  • Terrazza Pizzeria

What is Kitchen Hygiene Service

National food safety standards, now enforceable throughout Australia, require that all premises which prepare and process food are hygienically cleaned, sanitized and pest-free. 

To achieve that objective, certain knowledge, skills and attitude regarding food safety are essential.

  • Knowledge of how food is contaminated through growth of bacteria and pests

  • Professional skills to clean all areas of commercial kitchens and equipment, sanitizing and pest control

  • Attitude that enhances food safety awareness


The above knowledge, skills and attitude are incorporated in our kitchen Hygiene Service plan


  • According to the Australian Government report food-borne illnesses are estimated at about 15000 per day.

  • Each year, about 120 people die from food poisoning.

  • Annually 1.2million people visit the doctors due to food poisoning and it costs over $1.2 billion.

  • There are serious penalties for breaching NSW FOOD ACT


For these reasons, it is vital that kitchen owners and management have an effective hygiene service program for their premises.


Accordingly Healthy Kitchen has taken the above facts into consideration in developing its kitchen cleaning and sanitizing procedures. 


Healthy Kitchen Management complies with HACCP principles and has certified training in food safety.

Why Is Kitchen Hygiene Service Plan Necessary


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

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