Kitchen Hygiene Service 

We specialise in maintaining high hygiene standards in

  • Commercial Kitchens and

  • Food Productions Areas. 

We have developed a cost-effective Kitchen Hygiene Service Program for all commercial and food production kitchens. This service provides steam cleaning and sanitizing treatment  on a weekly / fortnightly or monthly basis

Our Plan is :

  1. Let the kitchen staff handle the daily up-keep of your kitchen.              

  2. ​​​Use Healthy Kitchen's weekly, fortnightly or monthly service for steam cleaning kitchen equipment, fittings, walls, floors, rangehood and difficult areas.                                                                    

  3. ​We then treat all surfaces with a food grade sanitizer, increasing the level of hygiene and cleanliness of your kitchen

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Why  Choose Healthy Kitchen


  • Our management is HACCP Certified, understands food safety and conducts regular inspections to ensure superior service.                                                                                                     

  • Healthy Kitchen staff specialises in kitchens and food production areas, therefore we are able to deliver Haccp quality services that greatly satisfy the food inspectors. It also takes away owners / manager's worries regarding kitchen hygiene.                                           

  • Our steam cleaning and sanitizing process minimises pest, bacterial and biological issues.                                

  • Healthy Kitchen's Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing Treatment is cost - effective, as all our staff are fully trained in food industry and uses up to date technology.  Hence we are able to offer services that achieve high hygiene standards more efficiently within your existing budget.  


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Kitchen Equipment

What is Kitchen Hygiene Service

National food safety standards, now enforceable throughout

Australia, require that all premises which prepare and process food are hygienically cleaned, sanitized and pest-free. 

To achieve that objective, certain knowledge, skills and attitude regarding food safety are essential.

  • Knowledge of how food is contaminated through growth of bacteria and pests

  • Professional skills to clean all areas of commercial kitchens and equipment, sanitizing and pest control

  • Attitude that enhances food safety awareness


The above knowledge, skills and attitude are incorporated in our kitchen Hygiene Service plan




  • According to the Australian Government report food-borne illnesses are estimated at about 15000 per day.

  • Each year, about 120 people die from food poisoning.

  • Annually 1.2million people visit the doctors due to food poisoning and it costs over $1.2 billion.

  • There are serious penalties for breaching NSW FOOD ACT


For these reasons, it is vital that kitchen owners and management have an effective hygiene service program for their premises.


Accordingly Healthy Kitchen has taken the above facts into consideration in developing its kitchen cleaning and sanitizing procedures. 


Healthy Kitchen Management is HACCP Certified and complies with HACCP principles and has certified training in food safety.

Why Is Kitchen Hygiene Service Plan Necessary

Maintaining high  hygiene standard in food industry

Fully trained stafff with specialised equipment


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

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