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Restaurant Cleaning Services

Due to over 20 years of experience in the industry our management thoroughly understands the presentation of restaurants. We will draft a detail specification ( as shown below) and a checklist and conduct regular inspection to ensure superior service.

Restaurant  Common Area Cleaning Specification


  • Clean dirt sports on walls, partitions, doors, door handles, light switches etc.

  • Clean stains and spill off walls and furniture

  • Clean all glasses and mirrors

  • Disinfect and damp wipe telephones

  • Clean skirting boards, window sills, blinds etc.

  • Empty and disinfect bins and reline with clean plastic bags.

  • Vacuum and mop clean all  tile and other hard floors

  • Dust all ceiling return air grills, vents,  light diffusers, etc.

  • Thorough dusting all areas, all furniture, air con, light fittings, tv screens, etc   

  •  Remove cob webs                                           

  • Vacuum all carpeted floors

  • Clean bar floor and mats (attention under the rack)

  • Squeegee clean entry glass door and remove cobwebs

  • Remove external cobwebs around the windows

  • Dust and detail all internal areas 

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect toilets


 Similar specification will be drafted for all areas of your premises

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