Cleaning and Sanitizing Food Production Premises

We have large teams of highly skilled staff to clean and sanitize food production areas. Our service includes daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly service. 

Specialising in cleaning :

  • Large floor areas

  • Production machineries

  • Conveyer belts

  • Coolrooms

  • Use of high pressure cleaners and floor scrubbers

Our staff are also trained to accomplish the following tasks through

Steam Cleaning Operation, which eliminates pest, bacteria 

and biological issues in food production areas.

  • Steam clean and remove dirt, stains and food build-ups

  • Steam clean difficult areas such as behind equipment and                     beneath benches and shelves

  • Steam clean all wall surfaces

  • Steam pressure clean all floors, drains, pipes and fittings

  • Steam pressure clean heavy machinery in the food processing areas

  • Sanitize all cleaned surfaces using a food grade sanitizer

Food Production Hygiene Procedures

Our management is HACCP Certified and staff follow strict hygiene procedures while cleaning and sanitizing food production areas. As a normal practice our supervisor completes inspection/checklist report daily. Our thorough understanding of food premise hygiene keeps the quality controllers and food inspectors happy.

Who uses our services?

 We provide cleaning and sanitizing service to:​

  • Hospitals, nursing homes and health & age care facilities

  • Fast food chains

  • Catering industry

  • Malls and supermarkets

  • Bakery & cake shops

  • Butcher shops and meat depots

  • Pasta and pie factories

  • All other food processing outlets and factories

Cleaning Food Production Areas

Steam Cleaning Technology


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

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Steam cleaning & sanitizing treatment