Home and Office Kitchens 


Steam Cleaning and Sanitizing Treatment

Healthy Kitchen's steam cleaning & sanitizing service is also very popular in residential and office kitchens. 

  • As it minimises pest, bacterial and biological issues

  • Hygienically cleans and sanitizes all areas of the kitchen 


Our service is HACCP Certified and management has training in food safety. 

Steam Cleaning

Our teams are fully trained to use steam technology and their professional skills to hygienically steam clean all areas of home and office kitchens. This steam cleaning process also minimises pest, bacteria and biological issues and leaves the kitchen looking clean and fresh. 



The highest priority is given to hygiene. This is what distinguishes our service. Through the use of our special food grade sanitiser, the entire kitchen surface will be thoroughly processed after steam cleaning, in order to raise the hygiene level.



  • Steam clean all bench tops and sink

  • Steam clean external of all cupboards

  • Steam clean inside of empty cupboards

  • Steam clean all tile and stainless steel walls

  • Steam clean microwave - in/out

  • Steam clean fridge  - in/out  (fridge must be empty to clean inside)  

  • Steam clean stove tops

  • Steam clean oven and grill 

  • Steam clean and detail all kitchen difficult areas 

  • Mop clean kitchen hard floors using a disinfectant 

  • Sanitize all surfaces using a food grade sanitizer

  • (raising the level of hygiene and cleanliness of your kitchen



The cost for average home or office kitchen is $250.00 per service 

(recommended 1-3 monthly service) 

Additional cost will apply to steam clean and sanitize:


  • Rangehood and filters                      =  $50.00

  • ​BBQ  (average size)                         =  $50.00

  • Additional fridge     (in/out)               =  $30.00

  • Additional office kitchenette (average size)     =  $100.00 

  • Additional home kitchen  (average size)         =  $150.00



Steam Cleaning Technology eliminates pest, bacteria and biological

issues - leaves the kitchen looking clean and fresh. 


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

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Steam cleaning & sanitizing treatment