Kitchen Cleaning Services


Our professional teams are fully trained to use their skills to raise the hygiene level and over-all cleanliness of your kitchen. Our service accommodates daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly clean.

We hygienically clean and  maintain all areas of commercial kitchens including:

  • All hard floor 

  • Wall surfaces  

  • Ovens

  • Stoves

  • Grills and hotplates

  • Deep fryers

  • Range hoods and oil traps 

  • Ducts and filters

  • Fridge and seals 

  • Cool rooms

  • Clean and polish stainless steel surfaces  

  • Ceilings and vents

  • Auto scrub kitchen and restaurant floor

  • Difficult areas - behind the equipment, under the benches, pipes and fittings.



Our staff are also trained to accomplish the following tasks through Steam Cleaning Operation, which eliminates pest, 

bacteria and biological issues.

  • Steam clean and remove heavy grease off floors, walls, range hoods,      all equipment and other kitchen fixed items

  • Steam clean and restore surfaces blemished by oily patches

  • Steam clean and remove dirt, stains and food build-ups

  • Steam clean difficult areas such as behind kitchen equipment                   and beneath benches and shelves

  • Steam clean floor and wall grout 

  • Steam clean all drainage and pipes

  • Steam clean heavy machinery in the food processing sites

  • Sanitize all cleaned surfaces using food grade sanitizer



The highest priority is given to hygiene. This is what distinguishes our service. The sanitizing procedure follows the cleaning operation in order to raise the hygiene level. Through the use of our special food grade quad sanitizer, the entire kitchen surface is thoroughly processed. 


Who uses our services?

Apart from restaurants,

we provide cleaning and sanitizing service to

all other commercial kitchens:

  • The hospitality industry: hotels, pubs & clubs

  • Hospitals, nursing homes and age care centres

  • Fast food chains

  • Catering industry

  • Malls and supermarkets

  • Takeaways, cafes, industrial canteens

  • Bakery & cake shops

  • School kitchens and canteens

Pressure cleaning

difficult areas

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Due to over 20 years of experience in the industry our management thoroughly understands the presentation of restaurants. We will draft a detail specification ( as shown below) and a checklist and conduct regular inspection to ensure superior service.

Restaurant Cleaning Specification


  • Clean dirt sports on walls, partitions, doors, door handles, light switches etc.

  • Clean stains and spill off walls and furniture

  • Clean all glasses and mirrors

  • Disinfect and damp wipe telephones

  • Clean skirting boards, window sills, blinds etc.

  • Empty and disinfect bins and reline with clean plastic bags.

  • Vacuum and mop clean all  tile and other hard floors

  • Dust all ceiling return air grills, vents,  light diffusers, etc.

  • Thorough dusting all areas, all furniture, air con, light fittings, tv screens, etc   

  •  Remove cob webs                                           

  • Vacuum all carpeted floors

  • Clean bar floor and mats (attention under the rack)

  • Squeegee clean entry glass door and remove cobwebs

  • Remove external cobwebs around the windows

  • Dust and detail all internal areas 

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect toilets


 Similar specification will be drafted for all areas of your premises

Kitchen Stewarding Service

Our experienced Kitchen Stewards are available for best service at most affordable rates.

Heathy Kitchen understands

customer expectations


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

Join our kitchen hygiene service program 

Steam cleaning & sanitizing treatment