Benefits to Kitchen Owners/Managers from our Monthly Kitchen Hygiene Service Program 


Kitchen Cleaning

Our staff are specially trained to clean all areas of commercial kitchens. The additional benefits is that we use steam/pressure technology that effectively cleans all kitchen fittings and equipment, rangehoods, wall surfaces, floors, under/behind the equipment and all difficult-to-reach areas.

Sanitizing Service

Our sanitizing procedure, using Healthy Kitchens special quad sanitizer, applied to the entire kitchen surface after the clean, will further raise the level of hygiene of your kitchen by maintaining a bacteria free kitchen environment and minimizing biological issues.

Pest control

Healthy Kitchen can provide its own professional cost-effective pest control service, if such a program is not already in place.


A checklist is completed and clipped on the board after each service for management and food inspectors.


Food Inspectors

The end result of our kitchen cleaning and sanitizing service will greatly satisfy the food inspectors.

Owners / Management 

This takes away worries and anxieties of kitchen owners / management regarding kitchen hygiene.

Cost - Effective

Due to our professionalism in the industry and our highly trained staff using the latest equipment, we are able to make it cost - effective while achieving high hygiene standards.

Implement Kitchen Hygiene Plan

Our management has the expertise to implement a suitable hygiene plan for your kitchen.  That will show the periodic plan for cleaning kitchen, rangehood and filters, ducts, coolrooms, deep fryers, stove, ovens and pest management.


To Healthy Kitchen, the customer is always our primary concern. This is shown in the innovative plan that Healthy Kitchen has developed to help its customer improve his/her business. Thus the Company will award a Kitchen Hygiene Service Certificate to its valued customer who receives 

regular cleaning and sanitising service. This Certificate can be framed and displayed at the front desk.


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

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