Healthy Kitchen's objective is to achieve excellence

in all areas of kitchen, restaurants and food premise

 hygiene through​

  • Steam Cleaning 

  • Sanitizing

  • Pest Control


This service will greatly benefit our customers and will raise

confidence of restaurant goers. 

Our Company is HACCP Certified and has well-defined

policies and procedures on the following:

  • Food safety 

  • HACCP  

  • Quality control

  • OH&S 



Healthy Kitchen's hygiene service operation proceeds

from the following considerations:

We believe that the eating-out experience for customers depends on a healthy and wholesome kitchen environment. Going to eat out is a special social event for many people and it should be made a memorable experience through the atmosphere that emanates from a smart kitchen. Healthy Kitchen's Hygiene Service Certificate to restaurant owners will contribute to consumer confidence and increase their sales.

Healthy Kitchen has an efficient management, well-motivated and skilled team of professional workers who have expertise in providing kitchen stewarding and cleaning services.

The main value on which Healthy Kitchen is founded is primarily high level of kitchen hygiene. And in terms of customer relations: trust, security, dependability, accountability, right conduct, dialogue and prompt communication, and attention to details.

Healthy Kitchen employs trained staff, up-to-date-technology, quality products, and is strict on OH &S regulations. Our management policies promote environmentally-friendly actions.


Kitchen Hygiene Service  

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